Teal Cameo Necklace


New! This is one I call cameo because of the raised center. I have painted it to look like a scene on the raised part.


These are just a few of the Necklace and Earring sets I offer. There are 3 PDF catalogs. They are on the PDF Page. Here are a few samples of the work I do and a little about the items. All items are listed in the current Jewelry catalogue, May 30, 2015.

Stained Glass Cane Necklace and Earring set

Stained Glass Set

This set is made from a cane called Stained Glass Cane. I have sliced a thin layer of this cane and laid it over a heart shape made from scrap clay. The earrings are of a slightly thicker layer of the cane. This set also had the hand formed connectors and bails.




Primary Colors Cane, Necklace and Earring set

Primary Colors Set


The name of this cane is Primary Colors Cane. Much the same in color as the last one, there is no white between the colors. The focal bead and the earrings were all cut from a thick layer of the cane.


These are just a few of the Necklace and Earring sets I offer. I only create with what is at hand. My God in Heaven fashions with nothing and comes up with the most beautiful things this side of heaven. I can not say for the other side as I have not been there. Yet I know by looking at what is here on this side it has to be beyond beautiful.

Lt Blue and floral pink Coverbutton earringsLt Blue and floral pink Coverbutton PinLt Blue and floral pink Coverbutton earrings

These three items are covered buttons. The earrings on the left are with a hand-made gold bail and hand-made ear wires, The One is the middle is a pin. I actually have two sizes of pin. The Earrings on the right are just like the ones on the left, only they are with silver findings and silver ear wires, all hand-made. the earrings are the same size buttons. The difference in size is the photograph work.

Large red flower on Ecru HeadbandLg Coral flower on Ecru HeadbandThese two headbands are the same. their only  difference is the color of the flower. One is red and the other is coral.

I enjoy crocheting and do a lot of it when I am not working with clay or sewing. I have made a few of my own patterns. From time to time I will put the finished product up. Mostly I have come up with a leaf pattern for most of my flowers.

I make the headbands, there three different types.

Red flower on a white headband

SC & DC Headband

One is a simple single crochet tab with double crochet body. This headband is about 1 inch wide.  This one is usually finished with a simple row of SC along the edge of the headband.



Black Headband

Black Headband

White Headband

White Headband

The second one is the Afghan Stitch (or Tunisian Stitch). I make two widths on this, one is 1 inch wide and the other is 1.5 inches wide.  There are several finishes I use on these headbands. One is a single row of lace like edging, another is two rows of lace like edging.


A third one is shell edging on the edge. You can ask or request for the finishes if I have them all in stock.

Ecru Headband

Ecru Headband

The third set is made of shell stitches on the horizontal. The sizes of these are 1.25 inches wide or 1.75 inches wide. As is the case with the Afghan stitch headbands, the edge finishes are the same. Sometimes on all of them I may use a larger hook and the width will be slightly wider. These are all adjustable, so they all have hook and loop closure.


Join me again as I select more items to tell you about that I am offering for sale through the catalog. Either send me an email or a call on the phone. If you have a private number make sure you leave a way for me to contact you. You can leave messages on the voice mail too. I do not accept credit cards so it must be a money order and I will have to cash it before I send your order.


M Lane Studio

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